Are Turbo Oxygen Systems safe to use?

Modified on Thu, 11 May 2023 at 10:11 PM

Oxygen use is safe with Turbo Oxygen Systems and Oxygen Multistep Protocols, except for three situations where breathing oxygen is not safe: 

  1. Inhaling air with 18 times more oxygen (similar to breathing under 500 feet underwater)

  2. Long-term use of air for more than 12 hours with 60 percent oxygen – can cause oxidative stress and damage your lungs

  3. If the breathing reflex of your body, triggered by carbon dioxide, is failed

    Otherwise, oxygen is absolutely safe, according to the research conducted by Manfred von Ardenne. Turbo Oxygen Systems are well within safe levels. Oxygen therapies are not recommended for:

  • those with extreme stiffness caused by neuromuscular locking (stage III/IV WHO hypertonia)

  • those exhibiting signs of cardiac decompensation, which is characterized by an inability of the heart to maintain efficient circulation due to its abnormal condition

  • those with steno cardia syndrome at rest, which is characterized by severe chest pain or pressure caused by heart muscle ischemia, usually due to coronary disease

  • to a lesser extent, those with febrile infections (infections with high fever)

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