Why is it important to monitor Oxygen saturation levels?

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The monitoring of Oxygen Saturation Levels may be required:

  • To assess the effectiveness of lung medications
  • To check the oxygen levels during the intraoperative period or postoperative period of surgical procedures that require sedation.
  • To evaluate whether the person requires breathing assistance
  • To check whether a ventilator is required to aid breathing or how effectively it is operating.
  • To determine whether a person needs Oxygen Therapy
  • To assess the potency of Oxygen Therapy
  • To evaluate a person’s tolerance levels to increased physical activity.
  • To evaluate a person’s momentary pauses in breathing while sleeping (sleep apnea)

It is important to monitor your oxygen saturation level if you have a health issue that affects the amount of oxygen in your blood. When the oxygen saturation level is low, the cells and tissues are unable to receive adequate oxygen, which can impair the functioning of the body. This can negatively affect your physiological functions and can tax the health of your heart and brain. 

According to the American Thoracic Society, the majority of persons need at least 89% oxygen saturation level to maintain cellular health. If the oxygen saturation level is lower than this level for brief periods of time, it is not considered to be dangerous. However, if your oxygen saturation level drops frequently or persistently, your cells and tissues may be destroyed. 

Consequently, any person with low oxygen levels or with an oxygen saturation level that declines during particular activities such as exercise or sleep should get their oxygen saturation level checked on a regular basis.

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