What is Contrast Training?

Modified on Mon, 02 Oct 2023 at 08:46 AM

Contrast training involves both hypoxia (characterized by reduced oxygen content in the air, similar to Altitude Training) and hyperoxia ((characterized by higher oxygen levels, similar to EWOT). EWOT contrast systems allow switching between hypoxia and hyperoxia. 

Hypoxia (low oxygen levels) makes the tissues starve of oxygen. To counter this, the body increases blood flow to the area to restore oxygen. The body uses a process called vasodilation–a process that involves the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels to facilitate the transportation of oxygen-rich blood.

In short, Adaptive Contrast EWOT systems are designed to create a hypoxic state to starve your body of oxygen for short periods. The idea behind this is that it causes the blood vessels in your body to dilate and allow more oxygen uptake when you switch back to a hyperoxic state. 

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