What are the benefits of EWOT?

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Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is the act of inhaling higher concentrations of Oxygen while exercising. EWOT is based on the concept that by increasing the amount of oxygen during exercise, you can increase the oxygen delivery to your body tissues and organs, resulting in improved cellular function and overall well-being. 

The EWOT Advantages

Here are some of the benefits offered by integrating oxygen into your regular workout routine:

Increased Energy: 

Imagine waking up with renewed energy without caffeine. Exercising with Oxygen gives you that physical and psychological boost you’ve been anticipating. 

Improved Endurance: 

Oxygen Enhanced Exercise helps you discover better mental and physical stamina. 

Better Immunity:

Especially in today's world, keeping a robust immune system is essential to remaining healthy. Oxygen Enhanced Exercise might help your immunity get off to a good start.

Rapid Recovery: 

You know how pure oxygen may make you feel when you are worn out or exhausted. 

Improved Mental Wellness: 

Feeling a bit foggy? Integrating Exercise with Oxygen will help you get improved mental clarity.

Better Sleep: 

Getting adequate sleep is as essential as working out. Oxygen Enhanced Exercise lets you sleep soundly for a longer period and wake up feeling better rested - a direct outcome of increased oxygen purity.

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