How does EWOT compare to HBOT?

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EWOT and HBOT are similar modalities that offer comparable benefits. As the name suggests, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy is a method that incorporates supplemental oxygen into the exercise regimen for improved athletic performance and endurance. 

HBOT stands for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and it involves inhaling pure oxygen while inside a pressurized chamber to treat certain infections and illnesses. 

Learn EWOT vs. HBOT in Depth

Here’s one comparison chart:

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy vs. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- A Comparison




Stationary form vs Exercise

Stationary form of Oxygen Therapy

Uses Exercise as the part of the process

Key Factor

Hyperoxia-Hypoxia Paradox


Constant Pressure vs. Partial Pressure

User lies down in a chamber that contains oxygen at a higher pressure to improve the body’s oxygenation.

Integrates higher oxygen supply with the partial-pressure of exercise

Time Efficiency

Lower time efficiency

Takes longer to saturate the tissues with oxygen as the process is completely dependent on pressure.

Higher time efficiency

Shows quick results as the body absorbs more oxygen within a shorter span.


Exorbitantly expensive compared to exercise-based therapies due to its higher operational cost and lower time efficiency.

Serve as an economical option as the process uses elementary devices such as oxygen concentrators and masks.

Prescription Requirement

HBOT requires a prescription

EWOT does not need a prescription

Exercise Compatibility

Not conducive to Exercise

Ideal for exercise

Cost Per Session

Session Duration


1-2 Hours


15 Minutes

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